5 reasons you should check the Numerai Competitions.

And 5 reasons you should skip them.

Previous posts you might like:- Numerai walkthrough: Quantitative Analysis & Machine learning for fun and profit. The practical parts are now outdated, but the introduction explanation is still relevant. - Practical Keras Simple regression for the Numerai Tournament An up to date (late 2020) technical look at setting up a Neural Network for the tournament.

What is it again ?

In Favor.


The competition: I believe it is still early days for these type of projects, here's a couple that are comparable...Quantopian: Recently closed it's doors but had fairly deep tooling (research/backtesting/data) but a weird profit sharing scheme, you can find some of the tools here : ziplineKaggle: The original DS competition, but no Quant or finance focus.Haven't tried the following  so can't vouch either way but worth looking into...QuantConnectQuantiacs

Do I recommend it ?

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