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AI, Software Developer, Designer :

Revolutionary or something else?

 ⚠️⚠️ Some Practicalities: As of now Copilot is only available as a "Technical preview" which only works with VSCode, there is also talk to make it a paid product down the road (more…

A practical overview for you and me.

⚠️ Note: This is a beginner friendly overview rather than an in- depth tutorial, so after reading this you should have a good idea…

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Or how to build an Audio Spectrum Analyzer

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Or how to overcome Integration hell.

Why read this? You want to visualize audio in realtime with Python and find the whole thing intimidating (like I did !) or you might be having problems integrating complex libraries and want to hear a tall tale of how I solve mine along with some tips.

What are we building ?

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For the DIY coder.

⚠️ The logic here should work on any canvas element from your GUI library ( heck, you can also port the concepts to your language of choice ), I am using…

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A practical Data Viz solution.

Who’s this for ?

⚠️ Caveat Emptor: There are other patterns and ways to code the same functionality, this is what makes sense to me, if you want to learn more check these related posts: Organizing your…

Blocking and non blocking operations in python


Your time is valuable, I get it. If you just want to copy pasta 🍝some code to integrate PyAudio/PySimpleGUI…

Let me out !

Trying to visualize the thoughts and memories in the brain.

Keno Leon

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