Photo by Hasan Albari/Pexels

A Guide to Artificial Neural Network Visualizations

What’s out there for us to see?

Keno Leon
7 min readNov 28, 2022


I originally wanted to make this a post about making Real Time Neural Network Visualizations which is what I need for my current projects but I think the topic is interesting enough to have an overview on the existing Artificial Neural Network Visualizations out there ( regardless of the real time element ).

WHY ? Neural Networks can be complex things, so having a visual aid can help understand and develop new ones, it worked for Turing, it should work for us.

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Model views

Let’s start with model views in pseudo graph notation and the original Neural Network, The perceptron :

This will either be a simple and trivial illustration for those into ANNs or scary and complex if you are just getting started, I like to think it condenses ~ 2.5 million years of human Science and Technology, so there’s that.

For those in the second camp I tried explaining them from the ground up in simple terms: