Photo by Simon Berger/Pexels

A Higher Intelligence

Imagine a smarter species or AI.

Keno Leon
7 min readNov 9, 2022


Like many writers, neuroscientists, philosophers and AI folks dealing with intelligence I sometimes wonder what would a higher Intelligence be like and that is what we will be talking about, along the way we will also start untangling what Intelligence is, something useful if we want to eventually recreate it artificially.

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Asking what would constitute a higher intelligence by necessity implies some knowledge of what Intelligence is, so if part of Intelligence is our capacity for abstraction ( another hard to pin down term ) a higher intelligence would presumably have a higher abstraction capacity or attribute related to it, but we also don’t know if there are other types of intelligent attributes out there (the unknown unknowns of intelligence if you will).

Our frame of reference. We should also admit from the start that we have no idea where we stand in the universal intelligence scale (or even if such a thing exists), so the best next thing is to compare…