Ethereum, tokens & smart contracts.

Notes on getting started Part 1. Setting Up.

Keno Leon
5 min readSep 11, 2017


Read till the end if you want to save a week in developing time !

Before starting:

A basic understanding of cryptocurrencies, programming languages and development practices (github, npm, terminal etc) seems to be a prerequisite, but if you’ve done any software or tech development you know that learning on the job is the norm, else just research on your own whenever you see a strange or new concept or term.

Also note, this space is fast changing, this guide might not be up to date in a few month but hopefully will be an indication of what to look for and where.

Where to start:

Setting up:

( One way of doing it, you could of course go in a different path )

In order to make a development environment you need a few things.

1.Command line tools:, there are a few to choose from.

I went with geth for iOS, seems to be the popular entry level one.
Install instructions:'t forget to set up your etherbase ( Account ) with$ geth account new Alternatively you can do it via the wallet:

2. Ethereum wallet: The official ethereum wallet, it also has tools for launching contracts and tokens ( our goal here ), while you can do everything with the command line tools, it has an UI for balances, accounts etc,etc, which makes thing easier and nicer to work with.

Note on terminology/stack: Mist is the browser for decentralized web apps, and the ethereum wallet is a…