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  • Carsten Klein

    Carsten Klein

    PhD in neuroscience interested in data analysis and artificial intelligence

  • James Camagong

    James Camagong

    Experienced data professional. Feel free to reach out! LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jamescamagong/

  • Augie Sanchez

    Augie Sanchez

    Defender of little guys/gals, music lover and DJ/Producer, Gadget geek and cat lover

  • Rudi Kreidenhuber

    Rudi Kreidenhuber

  • Pragati Baheti

    Pragati Baheti

    SDE'20 intern at Microsoft | Amalgamation of different technologies | Deep learning enthusiast

  • Joakim Arvidsson

    Joakim Arvidsson

  • Joe Klemmer

    Joe Klemmer

    Retired/disabled code cruncher, cigar smoker, Sumophile, and Formula 1 fan (I am Tifosi). Hammering away at Python. Hoping one day to make video games.

  • Bouwe Ceunen

    Bouwe Ceunen

    ML/DevOps/Software Engineer — Blockchain enthusiast — Stargazer

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