Hi Abhinav: Hard to tell,I think it is more of an architecture/purpose issue: From the earliest computers ( think something like Harvard Mark I ), general mathematical computation has been the main goal, hence very specific primitives for such operations. Nature on the other hand seems to have a different problem ( survival ) ,solution ( interacting with the environment both externally and internally with neurons ) and primitives. It is mostly evolutionary speculation, but if you take something at the low end in neuron count (c.elegans- 1 mm worm ), the 302 neurons fall in 4 distinct types: sensory, motor, interneuron and multirole, along with plasticity,potentiation and other specific characteristics/behavior, these would be the early primitives we should and seem to be emulating, on top of that subsystems primitives, think objects in CS ( we know perhaps 10% of that) and yet on top of that theory of mind primitives ( we know perhaps another 10%), so it is daunting.

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