Search in AI 3D Environments

Maze generators, solvers and pathfinding

Keno Leon
8 min readJun 6, 2023


This is my second post on 3D Environments for AIs, which aim to provide a safe and convenient place to test and generate AIs. The first post covered much of the background and setup, but we barely scratched the surface. This post will delve deeper into actually giving a task for our AIs to do.

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Why search ?

Search is considered a now classic and mostly solved (though not perfected) problem or task for AIs. “AI: A Modern Approach” (AIMA), often regarded as the AI Bible, devotes most of its early chapters to search, for instance.

Why 3D ? At first glance there's not much to be gained from implementing
search in 3D as it adds an extra step for visualization purposes.
However, I chose to take this route to provide both contrast and a
foundation for setting up more complex AI tasks.

As mentioned earlier, there is a strong connection to video games
where search (or pathfinding) is actually relevant. Additionally,
I am also learning as I write this.

For us humans and other animals search and Intelligence go hand in hand as we are always in search of something, food, shelter, money, love, a missing sock, you name it and most of what we call intelligence deals with finding that right something. While you might associate search with data search engines like Google, LLMs like ChatGPT can also be considered to be doing search ( searching the next relevant tokens to continue a conversation ).

However, for the purpose of this article, we will focus on puzzles as the simplest example task, where the agent, whether it’s an AI or a biological entity, needs to find the exit or reward. As with the previous post I am providing both the code : ( and the resulting test rooms for you to play with.

Setting things up.

Room 06, Simple Maze setup (code) This room and the following ones deal 
with the setup needed to present and solve problems in a 3D environment
which as mentioned could also be 2D or even purely numerical.

As there is no AI yet you can simply drive the cube from the…