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Stats, Earnings & Notes

General Stats.

Data from January 2017 to June 2020 ( 3 and a half years ! )
These days I aim to write at least 4 articles a month and at least 500 words per day ( code samples and collateral can take days if not weeks though ).
I joined the medium partner program in May 2019, that is I started getting paid for past and current articles a couple of years after I started writing, so the above earnings are mainly for 14 months which is about $260 a month or about $140 in monthly profit after taxes and coffee ( my main expense besides time in writing ).
| MONTH  | Gross  |
| Jun-20 | $182 |
| May-20 | $313 |
| Apr-20 | $316 |
| Mar-20 | $1,467 |
| Feb-20 | $690 |
| Jan-20 | $509 |
| Dec-19 | $109 |
| Nov-19 | $13 |
| Oct-19 | $3 |
| Sep-19 | $18 |
| Aug-19 | $12 |
| Jul-19 | $13 |
| Jun-19 | $18 |
| May-19 | $3 |
In March-April there was a negative shift in trends probably due to covid-19 or the writing gods got angry at me, hard to tell.You can better see it in chart form :

The good the bad the ugly

It probably doesn’t help I like to keep things organic and mostly ignore social media.

High highs low lows

My highest grossing article ($1,158) was about doing a Google Python Code Challenge, I wrote a follow up thinking it was going to be popular, it earned only $2...I still love you. 

Why I write ?

Top 3 articles:

Personal favorites:

Missed the mark yet I think they shouldn’t have:

Note: It seems to really help if your story gets picked up by Medium curators, publishers and external search engines, this can sometimes explain why a perfectly good article has very few views and other types have more, it's just luck sometimes.

Jump in, the water’s fine!

And If you need more information or have a specific question please ask in the comments, I'll gladly share what I can.

AI, Software Developer, Designer :

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