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Well what are they ?

Let's start with a dataset of some things, importantly said data should have some differences, else well there's nothing to compare.So the preliminary answer is that a histogram should give us some insights into those differences and even tell us if there are differences at all...


Let’s say you are sitting at a coffee shop like the one I am at right now and you can see outside into a busy pedestrian street, to keep things simple let’s count the shirt color of the first 100 folks that wander by…

There are a few GUI options in Python and DearPyGUI is the latest on my test bench, so here’s a casual overview that I hope helps you figure out if it’s for you.

Homepage/Repo: pip install dearpygui⚠️ Unfortunately dearPyGUI is not available on conda as of this writing so you might need to make a new pip environment if you are on conda like I am.Docs:


DearPyGUI provides you with a demo/showcase you can run with the following script:

If you've ever had a song or phrase stuck in your head ( aka an ear worm ) you have experienced a very peculiar aspect of your hearing system, that is you perceived a sound coming from the outside world and then somehow stored it, recreated and played it in a loop internally, all through biological cells and mostly without your conscious intervention…neat !

Note: This is an excerpt/draft on a book section I've been working on... part 2 of Conscious Artificial Intelligence.

This post looks at the early neural code and mechanisms needed to perceive sound and later process…

I first learned about Github Copilot through a tweet that mentioned it was some sort of AI programmer that uses natural language, so of course I was intrigued both for the AI and the software development aspects, the catch was/is it is in preview/invite mode, so if you don’t have one or don’t want to install it I’ll try my best to give you and overview.

 ⚠️⚠️ Some Practicalities: As of now Copilot is only available as a "Technical preview" which only works with VSCode, there is also talk to make it a paid product down the road (more…

Like any warm blooded software developer I love me a good GUI with buttons, colors and drop down shadows, yet the reality is that most of of these things while nice to have are usually overkill for your average python script.

So here we will check out the alternative, humble command line user interfaces in python, come along if like me you are new to the subject and want to see what goes into making them.

⚠️ Note: This is a beginner friendly overview rather than an in- depth tutorial, so after reading this you should have a good idea…

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As part of my research into AIs and recreating biological aspects through python code I’ve been stumped (or challenged) by the signal processing parts, at the time of this writing I am working on recreating auditory receptors and this is where our story begins…

You see inside your ear the cochlea perceives sound frequencies in an orderly manner, if you’ve ever seen a graphical EQ ( or an Audio Spectrum Analyzer ), the concept is fairly similar:

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Why read this? You want to visualize audio in realtime with Python and find the whole thing intimidating (like I did !) or you might be having problems integrating complex libraries and want to hear a tall tale of how I solve mine along with some tips.

What are we building ?

We are building a simple* audio waveform viewer from scratch ( explanation forthcoming ), importantly we want to see this waveform in real time in part because it’s cool and in part because we are visual beings and so this would help us better understand sound ( plus it is the pathway to…

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First question you might have is why ? After all we have perfectly good plotting libraries like PyPlot and others…

Answer: Because sometimes you need to make something not in stock at your charting library of choice, other times you might simply want to avoid integrating libraries or have an easier time without them, and then of course you might just be curious about the do it yourself approach.

⚠️ The logic here should work on any canvas element from your GUI library ( heck, you can also port the concepts to your language of choice ), I am using…

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Who’s this for ?

If you are a data scientist or have some data visualization needs in python you are probably using PyPlot, and if you need to interact with your plots or make a standalone program you will need to integrate PyPlot with a GUI library. I am using PySimpleGUI because that's what I use when I want to quickly toss things together and have a working program to demo.

⚠️ Caveat Emptor: There are other patterns and ways to code the same functionality, this is what makes sense to me, if you want to learn more check these related posts: Organizing your…


As part of my research on Signal Processing and AI, I wanted to visually represent real time audio data from my microphone, this simple request turned out to be not so simple at all for a number of reasons we will cover, along the way we will see how to integrate PyAudio with a GUI (I use PySimpleGUI but you can modify the code for your UI of choice), and talk a bit about blocking and non blocking operations in Python.

Your time is valuable, I get it. If you just want to copy pasta 🍝some code to integrate PyAudio/PySimpleGUI…

Keno Leon

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