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Catch up with the latest tech craze.

Besides being a coder/tech writer I am also a part time artist/designer and enjoy both making a good sketch or painting and writing some music, I’ve tried many times to make some money of my art, it has always ended in tears and so I’ve mostly given up on it…

For Artificial Intelligence.


Among the cognitive capabilities humans and other animals possess, memory is one of the most advantageous and profound, it lifts us from living in the moment, makes us aware of time and is the foundation (along with other forms of memory) for learning, knowing and a host of other higher…

I don’t know what Histograms are and at this point am too afraid to ask.

Well what are they ?

Let's start with a dataset of some things, importantly said data should have some differences, else well there's nothing to compare.So the preliminary answer is that a histogram should give us some insights into those differences and even tell us if there are differences at all...


Let’s say you…

Through Artificial Counterparts.

If you've ever had a song or phrase stuck in your head ( aka an ear worm ) you have experienced a very peculiar aspect of your hearing system, that is you perceived a sound coming from the outside world and then somehow stored it, recreated and played it in…

Keno Leon

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